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  • “Valmorbida (Matilde Waltzing) brings her gift for elegant language to this collection of narratives about the search for love.”
    —Publishers Weekly, USA

    “A book that defies categorisation, inviting us into the company of strangers who treat us like their oldest friends. No story is like its neighbour, yet each is told with vividness, economy and compassion. In The Book of Happy Endings, Elise Valmorbida achieves something rare and precious, and she writes like an angel.” —John Madden, Director of Shakespeare in Love

    “Intelligent and life-affirming... This is a book that patrons will browse and be compelled to check out. Recommended for most public libraries.”
    —Library Journal, USA

    “Those letters going back and forth from NYC to London seem like the real kind of magic glue that holds relationships together. Not just that they were writing on real paper with real ink, but that there was a chance encounter, a reticence, a compromise, the giving and taking and small steps forward and back that are invisible in the lusty clouds of movies, but are really so much of what makes a relationship breathtaking.” —Heather Shaw, ForeWord Magazine

    —Your and Your Wedding

    Meet Iraqi dissidents, a Chinese waitress who quits an abusive marriage, an Italian village girl who eloped in the 1940s, a Jewish emigré who falls in love with his aunt, childhood sweethearts who meet again as adults in exile, a 94-year-old London widow who’s just like Goldilocks, a couple of famous lesbian feminist professors… The stories are all true, but this is not journalism or oral history – more like literary fiction interspersed with atmospheric photographs, beautifully bound in a compact hardcover book.

    There is nothing predictable here. The storytelling is inspired, at once poetic and real. All the chapters are about love, but together they are about life.

    © 2018 Elise Valmorbida